What I Learned in College

For the past for years I’ve answered the same question countless times.

“So, you’re from Florida, how did you end up at Appalachian State?”


Four years ago, when I was a senior in high school, I knew I wanted to get out. I wanted to have the ‘going away to college’ experience. I wanted to try something new and live somewhere new. I wanted to grow up and become the person I wanted to be.  So many people I knew from high school (not all though), went to the same college, hang out with the same people, went to the same parties– Personally, I just don’t think you really have a chance to grow as a person and mature if you don’t challenge yourself and put yourself in new situations that may even feel uncomfortable at first.

Everything I had hoped I’d get out of college, I got. I definitely have had a lot of lessons in the past four years and looking back I got everything I wanted for out of college. It didn’t happen as easily and smoothly as I had imagined (nothing does) but I got there and I’m better for it.

At the end of each semester the seniors in my sorority stand in front of chapter and read a letter to the younger girls. I really liked mine. It was more of a list of things I wish I had known four years ago and lessons learned. Maybe I have regrets. I’m not sure, I’ve always believed you shouldn’t regret anything. But lately I think people who have regrets are good. They’re the people who look back on their life and thought about how they could’ve done better, how if they’re in a similar situation in the future they’ll do it right. As long as you don’t dwell on regrets and use them to give you direction in the future and be a better version of yourself I think they’re healthy and a good thing.

Anyways as cheesy as it is here is my list of things I wish I had known four years ago.  Continue reading


The Queen of Procrastination

I really am the worst when it comes to procrastinating. My brain always comes up with unnecessary yet interesting things to do/read/make instead of doing what I should be doing. I wanted to write in here in the beginning of this past week about Nicole ‘s (my roommate) brother’s race we went to last weekend, he’s a race car driver and I had never been to a race before, it was really fun! Yet now it’s Saturday and I still haven’t written in here.

See, I currently have three research papers along with regular assignments and extra credit work I need to get done. I made a personal goal for myself to tell myself the due dates are a week earlier than they actually are so that I have them finished a week early so I can make them perfect. So far I’ve gotten one paper done and have been “working” on the other two all week. I’ve gotten a little bit of research done for one of them. But I stayed in last night to work on them but I wound up reading stuff online and looking up PR jobs in England on monsters.co.uk and checking out apartments in London. Definitely not my homework. I always do that though, look up jobs and apartments in cool places I might want to live/work in a couple years. I also spent a lot of time downloading music.

Something else I did instead of working on my research papers was put together a whole internship journal for me to use this summer. I filled it with templates, examples, organizational sheets, tips for student interns, I even made up an organization profile for the place I’m interning at. It’s really great that I did that and I’m sure it’ll help me out this summer while I’m interning… but WHY did I do that for a couple hours INSTEAD of writing my paper that’s due in a couple weeks??? Ay yi yi…

Anyways, I think I’m going to skip our semi-formal tonight, I really don’t want to because I feel like I haven’t been to anything sorority related all semester and that I’m disappearing from the face of the Earth. But I really need to get this stuff done. Maybe after I nap I’ll head to the library (library on a Saturday night.. whaat?). I want one paper done by Tuesday and the other by Thursday. Hopefully by then I’ll be able to go out and be social and see my friends again. In the words of BP’s CEO Tony Hayward, “I’d like my life back!”

Good news: My (21st) birthday is only 36 days away & Vegas is only 35!

As you can see my calendar for April is disgustingly full (and that’s not even everything!) and I have so little motivation!