Liv Likes:

For my PR Writing class we had to pick one organization, as a group, that we were going to “work for” for the semester. We aren’t really working for the organization but we’re learning all about them and we’re using this as a bases to learn how to write organizational profiles, press/news releases, newsletters, PSAs, etc. The organization we chose is Wine To Water. Wine To Water actually has their headquarters right here in Boone.

Wine To Water is a really cool organization. They sell their own wine and a portion of all the proceeds go to help underdeveloped countries where people lack sanitary water. They also hold all kinds of events in order to raise money. Anyone can hold an event too, you can learn more on their website. I had no idea the extent of the water crisis until my class started on this project. For example, I had no idea that almost two billion people live without access to clean water. Not only that but diseases caused by unsanitary water causes more deaths than AIDS, malaria and measles combined.

I’m really interested in getting involved somehow to help with this issue. While I don’t have much time at the moment with school to even think too far into it, I’m hoping that this summer I will be able to and hopefully start a project on the side while I’m doing my internship in Florida.

Until then, Millions From One, a similar organization that is also working to fix this same water crisis popped up on my Twitter feed via another persons Twitter. This organization sells bracelets, and they’re actually pretty cute! They sell  black, tan or brown genuine leather bracelets for $10. The best part of it is for each $10 bracelet you buy, you’ll be providing safe water for one person for 3o years!