A few of my favorite things:

Where I spend my time online!


The Life Optimist
I love love love this blog. Amy Spencer has written two books, “Meeting Your Half-Orange” and “Bright Side Up.” I actually haven’t read either of her books but I follow her blog and I am on her email list for Vitamin Optimism. I get emails every couple weeks with a little way on how to see things in a more positive and happy way. Often they’re things I already know, but it’s always good to have a reminder!

Health & Fitness

I can not express how fantastic Cassey at Blogilates is, you have to visit her blog  and two YouTube channels to understand. Her original channel, Blogilates has over a hundred videos of workouts she came up with for her followers. On her second channel, BlogilatesTV is where she posts how to and Q & A videos. She posts new videos weekly to both channels. I tell all my friends about Blogilates because she is so fun to work out with!

Reasons to be Fit
This is the homepage on my browser, seriously. Whenever I log onto the computer just to waste time online and I see Reasons to be Fit, I get off my butt, put on my running shoes and go outside.

My Fitness Pal
This site and app is a great resource for keeping track of what you eat and how much you exercise. They also have a ton of tools that will help you stay on top of being healthy.


DivaDarlingChic is a YouTube channel by a Ben Greene. He calls himself a makeup guru, and he is. He has so many makeup tutorials from how to do your makeup like a Kardashian to how to make yourself look like a zombie for Halloween. He’s hilarious to watch too!

Travel & Wanderlust

the road is home
Follows a young family on the road.

Bikinis & Passports


Extra Petite
A fashion blog for small people like me! Under five foot and 100 pounds? This girl’s got your back!

Bonjour JR

Una chica fashiontastica 

Fashion and style

Broke & Chic

Rue La La
Sign up for special deals on designers!


nyc PR girls

99 Problems But A Pitch Ain’t One Tumblr



Inspiring and fashionable moms.

awesome people hanging out together tumblr



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