Marie in Malawi!

One of my best friends, Marie, just started her first blog!

Marie recently returned from Malawi, Africa, where she worked for a few weeks with her grad program! She took some ahh-mazing photos and I wanted to share them on my blog. I’m super jealous and am living vicariously through her!

Be sure to check out her blog, Marie in Malawi!


Safari time! (Photo credit: Marie Townley)


(Photo credit: Marie Townley)


(Photo credit: Marie Townley)


(Photo credit: Marie Townley)


(Photo credit: Marie Townley)


(Photo credit: Marie Townley)


(Photo credit: Marie Townley)

I like this one because I think it looks like the pair are gossiping.

I like this one because I think it looks like the pair are gossiping. (Photo credit: Marie Townley)


(Photo credit: Marie Townley)

Marie's just hanging with her favorite elephants!

Marie’s just hanging with her favorite elephants!

Marie talks all about her experience in Malawi on her blog!

She’s going to China for spring break and I’m sure she’ll write allll about that next! ūüôā




So I’ve been insanely¬†busy with my internship cause I’m out of my mind and agreed to work until August 16th when I head back to Boone for school the 18th. So while everyone else has finished up their summer¬†internships¬†I’m still working on mine! Which is great because I’m learning a ton and meeting so many wonderful people.. I just wish I had scheduled in a little vacation time before I start my senior year of college! I still have no idea how my senior year is already here but that’s a whole other story!

Some other very exciting news in the Life of Liv is that I have another internship already lined up for this coming winter break with Daytime on News Channel 8! I had my interview with their lovely executive producer last Monday and I am very excited about this fabulous opportunity. I am so excited to learn more about the broadcasting aspect of communications careers!

I’m trying to fit in as much fun experiences as I can in my last couple of weeks in Florida as I can before I move back to the mountains so I’ve been extremely busy.¬†Last Saturday I went snorkeling through¬†Tropical Island Getaway’s¬†with my lovely friend Samantha Whiting and had the time of our lives! I already knew about Tropical Island Getaway through one of the Family Fun tours I had been working on through my internship with Visit St. Petersburg Clearwater. I included it on my tour of South Pinellas county so I decided to give it a try myself!

The guides/captains were so much fun and they gave us a heads up on the best seats on the boat so we could get the best view of the dolphins who came and played and jumped behind us for part of the ride. The ferry was BYOB and they had extra coolers to keep your drinks and snacks reallyyy cold. Then we once we got to Egmont Key the snorkeling gear (and noodle floating devices) were included and we got to see all the cool marine life around the ruins of the Fort Dade, which was used in the Spanish American War.

After the snorkeling portion of the trip we went over to the island which was incredible. You don’t see beaches like that too often. Everything was very natural feeling. ¬†The only thing missing was Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom from the Pirates movies! ¬†We hiked around the old fort and saw the lighthouse which was built in 1858. ¬†After our explorations then we went back and relaxed in the water with a couple noodles and brews.

There were private boats all pulled up and anchored right on shore.  If I ever move back to Florida for good: 1) I must live closer to the ocean and 2) I will have my own boat.

olivia leigh gaggi

After Saturdays sea adventure I went on a different kind adventure to Universal Studios. There was no way I was going back to North Carolina without seeing Hogwarts! I am a huge Harry Potter fan and had to see the new section of the park!

I think my favorite part of the day was going to Ollivanders wand shop. When you go to Ollivanders you can either wait in line and go in with a small group of other Muggles and have a chance at being picked by Ollivander himself to go through the whole process of finding the perfect wand for you or you can just skip ahead and just pick one yourself. I, of course, wanted the whole experience and luckily Ollivander picked ME out of everyone in our group to find the wand for me! Anyways the Ash wand picked me.. thats the same type of wand that Cedric Diggory had and it was also the same as Ron Weasley’s first wand.

It was such a fun day! I even tried fish and chips again. For those who don’t know me but I stopped eating seafood when I was nine years old because I ate too much fish and chips when we lived in Cambridge, England for a little over a month that year!

So anyways, I’m at my parents right now recovering from my wisdom teeth removal surgery and after going a little stir crazy the past couple days I decided to go run some errands around town with my mother. ¬†We went and looked at the lot where they are going to be building their new house. It’s really beautiful and has a woods in the backyard which are going to be nice for¬†barbecues and get togethers. Hopefully it’ll be done being built by the end of December!

Then we had to go run some errands in Temple Terrace (the part of town where we use to live.) I feel really bad because I kind of made my mom go and drive by our old house¬†even though she didn’t want to and it looked terrible. ¬†It was so depressing to drive by. The new owners were not taking care of it at ALL. There was crap all on the roof, the lawn needed to be mowed, they tore out some of the bushes so the yard looked bare and ugly, there were bouncy balls and toys all over the yard… The entire front of the neighborhood looked HORRIBLE¬†because of the jerks that moved into our¬†old house! The house I grew up was entirely TRASHED. It was beautiful when we sold it to them. My parents worked so hard to make it nice and they literally just killed the entire house and made the entire neighborhood look awful. I really hope that somehow the new owners of ——¬†see this post and realize what assholes they are for killing an already beautiful home. I hope they realize that the entire neighborhood of Raintree Oaks probably thinks they’re¬†douche bags¬†for doing so.

Okay, well that’s what I’ve been up to lately! I’ll upload some pictures from one of the tours I’ve been working on later! Summer is almost over!


Mother’s Day Hike

After many sleepless nights in the library, three research papers, two presentations, four final exams, moving out of my apartment, moving into the family’s condo, moving into a hotel, moving into my uncle’s beach duplex, going to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday, my parents leaving for Italy, and now my first day at my internship I think have finally been able to catch up with my life! A chaotic month and a half later I am hopefully beginning to find a little routine in my life!

So I made it through finals and the semester from hell is finally over and I could not be happier! Literally the first thing my sister and mother said to me a month ago when they came to Boone for Easter was “Liv, you do not look good,” ” you look so tired,” and “you do not look like yourself.” After I got finished up the semester and after I spent a few days in hibernation in the mountains this HOPEFULLY this still isn’t the case. One lesson I have taken from this semester is that I will never again even think about attempting 19 credit hours again. Bad idea for almost everyone unless you’re super human (which you may be), but for an ADHD college girl, definitely not.

My mom and I spent Mother’s Day in North Carolina as well. Since I’m not only a tired, ADHD college girl but also a broke one,¬† my mom picked out a bracelet, bought it and came to me and said, “Here Liv, why don’t you give me this for Mother’s Day.” I promise one day when I have a job and I am making money I’m going to take her on vacation to somewhere really amazing.

Mom and I also decided to go on a hike that day too. My mom searches the internet for a nice hike that isn’t too far away. She finds one and says she found one that isn’t too far away and it is labeled as a moderate hike so it shouldn’t be too hard. I’m driving because of course, its Mother’s Day and I’m such a sweet daughter. The hike she wanted to go on may have only been 25-30 miles away but since more than half of it was driving up a windy, GRAVEL road, that had steep overlooks where it looked like we were about to drive off the mountain, it took more like an hour. By the way, my mom is terribly afraid of heights! I’m not even very scared of heights and this drive was freaking me out! Finally, we got to the parking area, which I thought was practically the top of the mountain and I didn’t understand why anyone needed to get any further up! The hike itself may have been “moderate” but the I’d say driving my two-wheel drive Nissan Versa on mountain gravel road would have been considered “vigorous”!

This was the mountain my scared of heights mother chose to hike!

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