Liv’s Weekly Goals: 7/7

Even though it is the middle of the week I’m going to decide on my goals for the week. They’ll just count for a week and a half 🙂

Although I maybe saw one sunset I did spend time relaxing on the beach. I road my bike on the shore at least three times which helped me relax. That’s really want I meant when I said I wanted to watch at least three beach sunsets. I just wanted to take advantage of where I’m living this summer and find peace here.

Definitely did not make it to bed by 9:30 p.m. Although I did make it before midnight most nights. Which is good. Wow, I feel like I’m 40 year old not 21. I just really like sleeping and I don’t get enough with work!

Last week I did pretty good! At the meeting I talked to four of the different mayors plus some other important people from the community. One of the mayors even came up to me, joked and gave me a side hug. He remembered me from the last meeting and how ridiculously scared I looked… kind of embarrassing but I did LOADS better this week. I feel so much more confident about introductions now.

This week my goals are:

  1. To not be just barely on time to work but to leave every morning at 8:15 so I can be early!
  2. Eat healthier – not to be so addicted to chocolate!
  3. Finish re-reading the last Harry Potter book so I can be prepared for the final movie on July 15th!
All things are working together for good in your life.



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