Las Vegas 21st

olivia leigh gaggi

My 21st birthday was last month (May 16th) and my older sister Marisa had been planning for the past year to take me to Las Vegas for my birthday. My best friend from home, Vicky, was originally going to come with us on the trip but because of some things that came up she was not able to so Marisa along with some of her friends from Washington DC (where she lives and works) came out and celebrated my 21st!

Sunday May 15th, I hopped on my plane and headed west. I was very excited since my 21st was a pretty big deal for various reasons not only that I can legally drink and gamble and whatnot which I may go into on  a later post but maybe not :). When I arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel I walked into a wild swarm of half-naked people. I didn’t realize it at the time but it was Sunday Funday at the Rehab pool. So I walk into the hotel and the first thing I see are the stripper poles in the main lobby and then all these people just running around naked and I’m just like whoaa this is the crazy… kind of bummed I missed the pool party but whatever. As I made my way to the elevator some guido looking fellow started yelling at me saying that I was beautiful but I didn’t notice cause I was texting on my phone.. then he got mad and yelled at me more and was like “HEY! Do you hear me?! I said you were beautiful!” He said it in a very rude tone..  and I was like, “uh.. cool thanks? Freak.” My sister later informed me that it was probably a gigolo but I don’t know if she was kidding or not.

I was turning 21 at midnight so we all went out to a sushi restaurant inside the hotel. I got cake, they sang me happy birthday, they gave us all free Vegas bomb which was really good.. I think it was peach schnapps and crown royal.. mmm mmm (: We had to wait till I turned 21 at midnight to go to Vanity (the club inside the Hard Rock). When we got there it was way too crowded (I’m really not much of a club person 93% of the time) and my sister also wasn’t really enjoying it either so we decided to leave and just go hang out at the bar a little… besides if another skeezoid tried touching my bum again I probably would’ve gotten in trouble for punching their face.

olivia leigh gaggi

olivia leigh gaggi

The next night was my actual birthday! My sister made reservations at Canaletto which is inside the Venetian hotel which is amazing… they have a canal going through the hotel that you can even go on gondola rides just like they do in Italy! Afterwards we met up with a group of guys we met earlier that evening. It was a bachelor party actually. My sister and her friends pointed out to me that bachelor parties were the best kind of guys to hang out with in Vegas because A) they’re mostly all married or getting married so they won’t be skeezoids and hit on you and B) they want look cool and have girls hanging out with them so they pay for all your stuff without expecting anything! They invited to their VIP table at Marquee Night/Day Club gave us all the drinks we wanted and then when we ran into them the next morning at breakfast.. they paid for that too! Plus, one of them looked just like Bradley Cooper.. too bad I didn’t get a picture with him I would’ve definitely told all my friends that it was really him.

olivia leigh gaggi

olivia leigh gaggiYes, I wore my tiara with western boots.

The next day my sisters friends left so Marisa and I spent the day site-seeing. Together we walked up and down the strip and went to Treasure Island and to the Mirage where we went to Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden where we got to see the dolphins, lions, leopards and tigers. Being a huge cat person, this was probably my favorite part of the trip!
I love how dolphins always look like they’re smiling!
I WANT this guy’s job!
And then we saw Alphie!
olivia leigh gaggiMy Alphie impression.
For our last night my sister bought tickets to go see Ka a show by Cirque Du Soleil. I was exhausted at that point from the previous two nights but somehow I managed to stay awake during the show which was fabulous. I hadn’t been to a Cirque show before but I definitely am going to want to go to more now!
My 21st birthday was definitely one of the best birthday’s I’ve had. There is so much to see and do in Las Vegas, I can’t wait to go again!

I think it’s time to start planning my next 21st birthday.. I’m thinking the Keys this time?



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