Mother’s Day Hike

After many sleepless nights in the library, three research papers, two presentations, four final exams, moving out of my apartment, moving into the family’s condo, moving into a hotel, moving into my uncle’s beach duplex, going to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday, my parents leaving for Italy, and now my first day at my internship I think have finally been able to catch up with my life! A chaotic month and a half later I am hopefully beginning to find a little routine in my life!

So I made it through finals and the semester from hell is finally over and I could not be happier! Literally the first thing my sister and mother said to me a month ago when they came to Boone for Easter was “Liv, you do not look good,” ” you look so tired,” and “you do not look like yourself.” After I got finished up the semester and after I spent a few days in hibernation in the mountains this HOPEFULLY this still isn’t the case. One lesson I have taken from this semester is that I will never again even think about attempting 19 credit hours again. Bad idea for almost everyone unless you’re super human (which you may be), but for an ADHD college girl, definitely not.

My mom and I spent Mother’s Day in North Carolina as well. Since I’m not only a tired, ADHD college girl but also a broke one,  my mom picked out a bracelet, bought it and came to me and said, “Here Liv, why don’t you give me this for Mother’s Day.” I promise one day when I have a job and I am making money I’m going to take her on vacation to somewhere really amazing.

Mom and I also decided to go on a hike that day too. My mom searches the internet for a nice hike that isn’t too far away. She finds one and says she found one that isn’t too far away and it is labeled as a moderate hike so it shouldn’t be too hard. I’m driving because of course, its Mother’s Day and I’m such a sweet daughter. The hike she wanted to go on may have only been 25-30 miles away but since more than half of it was driving up a windy, GRAVEL road, that had steep overlooks where it looked like we were about to drive off the mountain, it took more like an hour. By the way, my mom is terribly afraid of heights! I’m not even very scared of heights and this drive was freaking me out! Finally, we got to the parking area, which I thought was practically the top of the mountain and I didn’t understand why anyone needed to get any further up! The hike itself may have been “moderate” but the I’d say driving my two-wheel drive Nissan Versa on mountain gravel road would have been considered “vigorous”!

This was the mountain my scared of heights mother chose to hike!

And she did hike it! Well, kind of, we did turn around after 1/4th of the total hike but not because we were scared but because we wanted to make it to her favorite BBQ place in time for lunch! I’m so proud of her and we plan on finishing the entire hike next year for Mother’s Day!

We made it to the restaurant in time for our pulled pork sandwiches and we made some great Mother’s Day memories and maybe a new tradition for years to come!

Tomorrow I’ll blog about my Las Vegas birthday, my first day interning and some other ideas I have for the summer!



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